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Why Does Utah Collect Information about Parkinson’s?

In 2015 the State of Utah designated Parkinson’s Disease (PD) as a reportable disease (Parkinson’s Disease Reporting Rule, R384-300)

The University of Utah, Department of Neurology, worked with the Utah Department of Health to launch the Utah Parkinson’s Disease Registry (UPDR). The purpose of the UPDR is to develop a database of accurate historical and current information for research and public health purposes. The collection of patient data is important for detecting disease incidence, and possible risk factors of PD and other related movement disorders. The UPDR is committed to collecting high quality data for population research only. Data security measures are in place to assure privacy and confidentiality of the information.

How Does Utah Collect Information about Parkinson’s?

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with a Parkinson’s disease or a related movement disorder your doctor, nurse, physical or speech therapist or a health care facility may report your Parkinson’s diagnosis to the UPDR. Often, your health care professional may ask you to access the registry to input your information. The state collects information about your diagnosis for population research only.

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